Payame Noor University (PNU) – Tehran Province (2020 ~ Now)
Masters of Arts Candidate – Sports Management, Event Management Specialization

Maritime Azad University (IAU) – Kharg Island (2016 – 2020)
Bachelors of Arts – Maritime Navigation Science – GPA 3.5


Canadian Sumo Wrestling Federation Project (CSF) – Montreal, Canada     (2020 – Now)
Technical Manager(Remote), Co-Founder

* Built infrastructure and networking for the creation of a national federation under-recognition of the National
Olympic Committee (NOC) and International Sumo Federation (IFS)
* Researched the sports market in Canada and made a business plan using a blue ocean strategy
* Creating First nation and Women empowerment future programs
* Authored regulations, rules, codes of ethics, and Prevention of the Manipulation of Competitions
* Provided regulations for coaching, refereeing, and athletes training
* Established online presence on social media and website
* Created sumo equipment and products production workshop such as Mawashi (sumo belt), Portable
Dohyo (Sumo ring) and etc.

International Sumo Wrestling Federation (IFS) – Osaka, Japan   (2018 – Now)

Athletes Committee, Vice President
* Provided a means of ensuring that IFS is aware of the opinions of current active sumo athletes concerning
Major issues affecting the sport
* Hosted annual meetings of the committee at major events such as world championships
* Established effective communications among federation and athletes by enhancing the IFS’s online presence
Using Sports content creating in Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and etc.

Kurash Wrestling Association of Arvand Free Zone, Iran   (2019 – Now)
* Programmed a general plan to advertise the sport among people using social media
* Managed provincial affairs such as hosting championships, talent identifications, clubs, athletes, coaches
And referees affairs

Sumo Wrestling Association of Khuzestan Province, Iran   (2015 – 2019)
Founder and President
* Strategized and Built infrastructure for people to get familiar with the sport for the first time
* Managed to attract over 800 active sumo wrestlers (men and women) in the province
* Managed to gather a fan base of over 10.000 followers on Instagram
* Founded 8 sumo clubs in 7 cities of the province
* Hosted 5 provincial championships and participated in National championships


Arvand Free Zone General Directorate of Sports and Youth, Iran      (2019 – 2021)
Senior Public Relation and Social Media manager  (Check Page)
* Organized, Monitored, and managed the process of news production and media Communications by sports boards and Sports associations for over 18.000 registered athletes

*Executive Director at Sport Island Recreational Festival, hosted over 50,000 attendants in 15 days(2018-2019). (Check)
* Launched an online sports studio on Instagram with the purpose of creating sports content about the province

MYPA Arvand Sports and Cultural Institute (NGO) , Iran       (2019 – 2020)
Executive Manager and Advisor
* Organized and hosted “MYPA Kids sports Festival”, an event for more than 1500 athletes in 5 Olympic sports(taekwondo, Judo, Karate, volleyball and Futsal) with the intention of scientific talent identification using the anthropometric method

Iran National Sumo Association (ISA)     (2019 – 2020)
Technical Committee, Member
* Taught at 6 sumo educational sessions, teaching sumo rules, Techniques, Coaching methods and etc.
* Provided educational material for beginners with sumo on how to start their career by making educational
Videos and pamphlets


-Investigating the Effects and Importance of Public Relations and Media literacy, before, during and after Sports Events in Sports Event Managers 2021 – Tehan Province PNU University  3rd National Sports Communications Conference (2021)- civilica and ISC

-Investigating of The portion of , Iran’s Economy, Necessity Development in marine pivot, added value and capacity of employment in seacraft                               20th Marine Industries Conference (MIC2018)- civilica

-Investigating the effect of self-esteem on improving the public relations of sports managers  3rd National Sports Communications Conference (2021)- civilica and ISC (Under Research) 

-How creativity and innovation in sports organizations improve effective management   2020 – Tehran Province PNU University Student work


Sumo Wrestling Dan 3, Coaching and Referring Certificate 

Judo Dan 1 and Coaching  Certificate  

Certified Educator, National Geography     Dec 2020

Sports Marketing, North Western University     Jun 2020
By Coursera

Safe Sport Training, Canadian Coaching Association    Sep 2020

Sports Event Management, International Olympic Committee (IOC)   Aug 2020
By Athlete 365

Professional Sports Management, International Olympic Committee (IOC)    Aug 2020
By Athlete 365

Making Headway in Sports, Canadian Coaching Association    Aug 2020

Teamwork Skills: Communicating Effectively in Groups, University of Colorado Boulder    May 2020
By Coursera


– Asian Sumo Championships – 2016, Mongolia (Bronze Medal)
  * First Iranian In History to win a medal at Sumo championships (check)
– Sumo World Championships – 2016, Mongolia (Participated)
– World Elite Games – 2017, Turkey (Silver Medal)(Check)
– Asian Sumo Championships – 2018, Taiwan (5th place)
– Sumo World Championships – 2018, Taiwan (7th place at team championships)


  •  Social Media Management 
  • Digital Marketing
  • Video Production       
  • Graphic Design       
  • Content Marketing       
  • WordPress     
  • Photoshop     
  • Premiere Pro       
  • After Effects
  • Advance Fire Fighting Certified
  • Medical First Aid Certified
  • Ocean Astronomical Navigation
  • Ocean Survival four-Stage skills Certified


Farsi (Native)
English (Proficient) – IELTS General (7)(2019) 
Arabic (Work Proficient)