-Investigating the Effects and Importance of Public Relations and Media literacy, before, during and after Sports Events in Sports Event Managers 2021 – Tehan Province PNU University  3rd National Sports Communications Conference (2021)- civilica and ISC (Check Paper)

The purpose of this paper is to investigate how a sports event manager can impose their literacy in public relations and media into their executive procedures, before, during and after the events and how to increase their awareness of the subject by understanding it’s importance and effects ; we evaluated and measured a number of 235 total attendants (55 MA sport management students and 180 Random people) status in public relations literacy by descriptive method and quantitative survey method, The data collection tool was Ghasemi Hamid and Nazanin Rasekh Public Relations Literacy Questionnaire (2020).The results showed that student average score in public relations literacy was higher than the average score of the random people by 2.4 points, yet, the two were tagged as “Good” in terms of status, which showed that there are internal and external factors effecting the presumption of public and media literacy, such as communication technology, spatial conditions, body language, etc. which all the internal and external factors affecting public relations literacy, after a comprehensive survey, resulted in showing that a factor like “body language’ scored last in the ranking of the effective factors in sports management students, showing that some skills need to be improved. At the end of this paper you can find a check list for Sports Event Managers Media and Communications Management Preparation before a Sports Event by Mostafa Mahmoudi.

-Investigating the effect of self-esteem on improving the public relations of sports managers  3rd National Sports Communications Conference (2021)- civilica and ISC (Under Research) 

The purpose of this study is to investigate the influence of self-esteem in improving public relations of sports managers. The main question of the article was what the components of self-esteem are, and how they interact in the public relations of the sports managers in the sports community.The present age is the ruling era of new communication technologies. These new emerging communication technologies, like other types of technologies, are affecting various individuals and social aspects of their lives and bring opportunities and threats to users. The most important impact is the impact on the individual and social identity of users. Social roles are also changing under the influence of interaction with communication technologies. This change is both in the definition of the individual’s roles and responsibilities and in the role of other individuals. (1397, Montazer Ghaem, Mehdi, Fatemeh Tehrani)

-Investigating of The portion of , Iran’s Economy, Necessity Development in the marine pivot, added value and capacity of employment in seacraft                               20th Marine Industries Conference (MIC2018)- civilica (Check Paper)

Unseparated interdependence of global economy with sea, and conjoining of seafaring economy with human life indicate the importance of seacraft economy. History proves economy has a power to run a country in the best way. Nowadays, a country that apply all aspects of its capacity has more powerful economy. Each country with sea and coast has a great capacity to hold occupation and resolve unemployment. This study using analytic procedures investigates qualification of Iran’s nautical economy and situation of Iran’s portion of employment in global sea economy. Regarding seacraft economy, some parts of template of antecessor countries such as Singapore, South Korea, and China have been investigated. Finally, it is recommened the necessity of marine pivot development in Iran and applying the suggestions out of the studies as well as using them to resolve the unemployment beside more use of economy capacity as vital need.

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