About Mostafa Mahmoudi

My Story

Mostafa mahmoudi was born on 25 Dec 1995 in Abadan city, Khuzestna province of Iran . He started his career in sports at the age of 4 when registered in a gymnastic class by his mother. Mahmoudi has a diverse background in sport, he has tried Basketball, Football, Handball, Karate, Kongfu, Pahlavani wrestling, Judo, and Sumo, But he always describes himself as a Judoka and a Sumo wrestler since he developed and spent most of his sports career within Judo and Sumo.

Mostafa started his academic studies at Maritime University of Khark Island, But after he earned a position in sumo wrestling (2016) he decided that he wants and desires to pursue a career in sports

After he became the first Iranian in History to win a medal in International Sumo Championships, He founded the Khuzestan Province of Iran Sumo championships while he was a member of the national team.

He managed to build an association for a sport that had been never practiced in the region and never existed. in the five years that Mostafa was the manager of this association around 1000 athletes (men and women) joined and participated in the sport through various events and competitions 

Mostafa is an enthusiast of the world of sport management he believes through sports he will be able to make a difference in peoples lives by injecting hope and new goals into their careers

Feedback & Reviews

Mr. Mahmoudi is a hard-worker person with amazing ideas. Also, He is an honor in sport and we are proud him in our country

Economic Deputy at Sanat Naft Abadan FC Iranian Premier Football League and Asian Football Federation (AFC)

Mostafa is one of the youngest and most successful Directors to enter the world of sport management of Iran , he is full of new and innovative Ideas , always passionate about his career and cares a lot about his society , we were fortunate to have him on our team.”

Chife Director at Youth and Sports Department Arvand free zone

“Mr.Mahmoudi has always surprised us with his talents and hard-working to achieve his new and creative ideas, he is specialized in bringing new sports to life”

Peyman Adibi

Director of Arvand Free Zone of Iran Cultural and Sport Department