The Art of Sport management with Mostafa Mahmoudi

26-year-old Mostafa Mahmoudi, MA(C) Sport Management, is one of the youngest Sports managers of Iran, He is the first Iranian In history to win a medal at the International Sumo wrestling championships (2016-Mongolia) and the first Iranian athlete to become a Member and Vice president of the International Sumo Federation (IFS) athletes Committee and Founder of Khuzestan Province of Iran Sumo Association.

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Free Download My Checklist for Sport Event Managers

Sports Event Managers Media and Communications Management Preparation Checklist Before a Sport Event

The Importance and Effects of Media and Public relations Literacy are now undeniable to the sport managers who seek to progress and have the best outcome, here you can see a checklist that assists the sport event managers to prepare for their events.

This Check list is provided by Mostafa Mahmoudi (Art of sport management)